Open protocol cloud storage accessible from any environment.

Teracloud is widely supported WebDAV based cloud storage service. Allowing data to be accessible on a variety of every day devices, any user can obtain information through numerous WebDav-friendly applications.



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Huge capacity.
Fast speed.
High performance.

Your TeraCLOUD can be expanded based on your needs (up to 10TB). Transfer rates up to 100 Mbps and no transfer limit.

A strong background in disaster preparedness.

TeraCLOUD's infrastructure utilizes Japanese expertise in mitigating the effects of earthquakes and other natural disasters to provide you with a secure, durable, and smooth operating service that can always be relied on.


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Up to 10TB available




8,800 JPY/year

880 JPY/month


13,200 JPY/year

1,320 JPY/month


44,000 JPY/year

4,400 JPY/month