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TeraCLOUD is cloud storage using an open protocol "WebDAV". It has a data area for each user, and adopts HTTPS for transmission and reception.

If the application supports WebDAV, it can simply be linked with TeraCLOUD.

The TeraCLOUD icon can be obtained freely from the download page, so application developers can declare correspondence using icons and names after conducting the operation test at TeraCLOUD by each company and their own judgment.

Since TeraCLOUD has a different WebDAV connection destination URL for each user, each user must set their on connection destination URL located in the "My Page" tab in order to connect to TeraCLOUD from the user's application of choice. It is necessary to acquire and setup connection destination with an ID and Password.

In the perspective of developers who believe this is inconvenient to the user, or will not promote the use of the application. it is possible to get the user's connected URL with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) by calling the user's REST-API. This will allow the user entering the ID and password to complete the setup. During this time, it is also possible to give TeraCLOUD bonus capacity to users using the application.

*TeraCLOUD has resources that can not be covered with the WebDAV protocol, making it necessary to use the dedicated REST API of TeraCLOUD in order to access it.

This resource is as follows.

With the use of these APIs, the application can not only take file transfers, but in addition, can take snapshots, divide areas, and create areas that users were unable to see previously.

This document explains these in this document.