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REST API overview

Application developers can use the REST API to perform a variety of management tasks, such as obtaining information on a user's accommodating servers, contract size, obtaining file information, controlling file sharing and publishing functions, creating a DATA SET as a dedicated area for apps, creating and deleting snapshots, etc.

There are two variants of this API based on the authentication method: OAUTH2 certified version and BASIC certified version. The OAUTH2 certified version can use all functions, while the BASIC certified version is a subset.

If you utilize the OAUTH2 certified version, you must exchange sessions via the REST API, and WebDAV access must use the same sessions. If your WebDAV application was originally established with BASIC authentication, you may need to add new code, and if it is a CLI program, several elements make session management problematic.

There are two possible directions for adapting an application to TeraCLOUD.

  1. Plan to support TeraCLOUD without modifying existing WebDAV apps' code.
  2. The policy of using TeraCLOUD's full functionality

In scenario 1, a subset of the API with BASIC authentication will be utilized, while in scenario 2, full-functional API with OAUTH2 will be used.

TeraCLOUD-enabled Best Practices for Apps

The general best practices for app TeraCLOUD support are the same for both BASIC and OAUTH2 certified versions.

You must use the REST API if you want to use TeraCLOUD's own capabilities.

It is important to note that there are two sorts of servers that accept REST APIs. See Server Types for more information.

Application developers typically use the API in the following methods.

For testing, we use "FEF5078EA41D182EEF89A21E034BD680" as the API key.

If you want to publish your product in any form, application for a separate key must be applied for.

When yo use this API-KEY for the first time, you will instantly receive 50GB/year of additional capacity. This extra capacity is free to sue and does not constitute a paid subscription. The API-Key is for the advantage of the developer.


Basic authentication only information

Good API when accessing for initial registration

  1. Access the API server's user resource (GET). Obtain a unique node server (WebDAV URL) for each user.
  2. Get the WebDAV URL to connect to from the returned value.
  3. If you need to access the data set, send a request to the node server.


When a user first establishes a TeraCLOUD account, the user's node server automatically decides the accommodation destination, which does not alter in most cases. As a result, the program can cache the obtained node server once and continue to use it.

The node server is self-contained, included the BASIC authentication credentials. As a result, even if the API system or web server is unavailable, the node server is designed to continue WebDAV service.

Example request by Curl:

curl -X GET --user Your ID -H "X-TeraCLOUD-API-KEY: FEF5078EA41D182EEF89A21E034BD680" https://api.teracloud.jp/v2/api/ba/user
Enter host password for user 'Your ID': Enter Apps password

Return example

{"result": 0, "node": "ise.teracloud.jp", "webdav_url": "https://ise.teracloud.jp/dav/", "api_key": {"note": "jpc api "introduction_code_bonus_for_inviter": 2, "introduce_code_bonus_for_invitee": 5 "test", "vendor": "justplayer", "activated_time": "2018-12-06 12: 29: 41.0", "name": "jpc api test"} , "user": "your user name", "introduce_code": "your referral code", "capacity": your contracted capacity, "revision": 2020111801}%

In this manner, you may refer to node and webdav_url with JSON and obtain it. The above example's server is labelled as ise.


Node server. Sending a REST API to this server. / backup To access the following, create a URL from this host name.


In reference to the URL that WebDAV users are using. This URL may not be present to early users.


When done with OAUTH2 certification

A good API to access during the initial registration(*)

  1. Provide the SSO URL and prompt the user to connect to the authentication server (first time only).
  2. Obtain the AuthCode and use it to access (GET) the user resource in the API (first time only).
  3. In the app, save separate node server URLs and authorization details for each user (first time only).
  4. Connect each user to the data set API using the authorization information and node server URLs.Obtain the WebDAV URL to which you want to connect.
  5. If you need to retrieve the data set, use the REST API data set resource on the node server as described in step 2.

When a user first opens a TeraCLOUD account, the user's node server is automatically housed and does not alter in principle after that. As a result, once an application obtains the URL of a node server, it can use and save it.

Access to OAUTH2 is now unavailable, thus the actual access mechanism is excluded.

A good API to access at the start of use (every time you start an application)(*)

Capacity etc.

You are not required to perform anything if the application's implementation is not required.

Because actual access to OAUTH2 is now unavailable, the actual access method is removed.

A good API to access on a per WebDAV access(*)

Because the access in OAUTH2 is now private, the actual access mechanism is withheld.

API that can be accessed at any time(*)

File-related APIs


ResourceRoleREST target server
userManipulate information related to users.Account API server api.teracloud.jp
dat asetPerform operations related to the data set.Each node server (*) * .teracloud.jp
snapshotCreates and deletes a snapshot of the data set.Each node server (*) * .teracloud.jp
filepropertiesGet property of fileproperties file. Includes media information.Each node server (*) * .teracloud.jp

On getting image file thumbnails

When using WebDAV to view an image file, you can specify the width and height in the GET parameter to get a scaled-down thumbnail on the server side. However, for the first time, this process is very heavy and slow, so you should follow the directions below.

These are preliminary guidelines, the specifications for requests other than 1/2n have yet to be determined.

Reference Manual

See here for reference.

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