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2020/05/15  Notice of Maintenance (May 20, 2020)NEW
2020/05/09  Notice of Outage (2020-05-08, Resolved)NEW
2020/04/23  New Plan Launch Event!
2020/04/22  Transfer Speeds Up to 100Mbps Available Indefinitely
2020/04/13  Refreshed TeraCLOUD Lineup Includes New 3TB Plan and Triple Capacity Upgrade for All Subscribers by April 22 With No Price Change
2020/04/09  【Important Notice】 Revision of Terms of Service
2020/04/09  Notice of Outage (2020-04-09 Resolved)
2020/03/19  Notice of maintenance(2020-04-01)
2020/03/18  TeraCLOUD Special Offer Coupon!
2020/02/17  Temporary Unavailability of Account Upgrades (Resolved)
2020/02/14  6th Anniversary Event! Up to ¥3,000 off with FREE Gift Set!
2020/01/31  6th Anniversary Event
2020/01/15  Notice of maintenance
2020/01/09  Apology and license code offer regarding performance and display language issues (Resolved)
2020/01/08  Delays in File Browser display for some customers (Resolved)
2020/01/07  File Browser displays in incorrect language (Resolved)
2019/12/24  Notice of service outage on Dec 23, 2019 (Restored)
2019/12/23  Login issues (since 2019-12-23)
2019/12/18  Notice of maintenance: Dec 20 and Dec 23, 2019