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Memory is to the heart. Record to TeraCLOUD.

TeraCLOUD is a service to backup important photos and data. High security, high data transfer speed, large capacity online storage can back up data stored on your computer or smartphone in its entirety.


Anytime, anywhere, With your favorite terminal.

TeraCLOUD adopts WebDAV which is a general communication protocol. You can access TeraCLOUD with various applications. If you upload data to TeraCLOUD, you can check PDF on the go and see photos with friends and family without depending on location and terminal.


TeraCLOUD Data is sent to a server installed in Japan

TeraCLOUD's servers are installed in Japan's data centers that have met strict criteria such as earthquake resistance and security.

By using domestic servers, we can respond quickly to emergency situations.


Do not care about capacity

When TeraCLOUD creates a new account, it can use 10 GB of free capacity for free. Up to 1 TB of capacity will be added with introduction bonus.

The capacity of TeraCLOUD can be purchased additionally up to 10 TB.

You do not have to worry about which data is backed up to online storage.

Data of personal computer, smartphone, external hard disk can be uploaded to TeraCLOUD whole.


Features of TeraCLOUD

Fast and comfortable

All servers are set up in Japan.

Fast and comfortable use feeling realized.

WebDAV compliant

It supports general-purpose WebDAV protocol.

Various applications are available.

Large capacity up to 10 TB

Expandable from 300 GB up to 10 TB.

You can use it without suffering capacity shortage.

Unlimited file size

One large data file can also be uploaded in the TeraCLOUD.

Oracle Solaris 11 ZFSAdopting highly robust Oracle Solaris 11 ZFS for servers and file systems.

Also restoring past data

ZFS snapshots allow you to view past data for up to two weeks.


Upgrade plan

Free Account   
 10 GB free
Premium Account  
+300GB ¥ 880 / month
¥ 8,800 / year
+3TB(3,000GB) ¥ 1,320 / month
¥ 13,200 / year
 +10TB(10,000GB) ¥ 4,400 / month
¥ 44,000 / year

*All prices include tax.