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About introduction bonus

Just introduce TeraCLOUD to your friends, their friends just register a TeraCLOUD account and enter an introduction code, we will add TeraCLOUD free capacity to you and your friends as well.

For the introducer, add as much capacity as the number of friends you registered! You can use TeraCLOUD at great price.

Bonus capacity

Those who introduced

2 GB up to 1,000 GB

※ 2GB will be added per person introduced.

The added capacity is valid for one year.

※ The additional capacity that can be used at the same time by introduction is a maximum of 1 TB.

Those who received introduction

5 GB

※ Introduction code can be used only once.

Introduction method

Who is to introduce ...

1. Log in to My Page.

»My page is here

2. Please tell your friends "Your introduction code" on My page.

When sharing with SNS, please be careful not to forget the introduction code.

How to spread introduction code Those who were introduced ...

1. Create an account of TeraCLOUD.

»Register your account here

2. Log in to My Page.

»My page is here

3. Enter the introduction code in the introduction code input field and click "Apply". How to check the bonus capacity

The date and time and capacity added to "Usage Status" of My Page are displayed. please note

Introductory code is case sensitive.

The referral code you receive can only be applied once.

If it is judged to be an unauthorized introduction, the bonus capacity will be invalidated. If it is determined to be malicious, we will suspend / delete your account.