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How to connect and set up GoodSync 10 and TeraCLOUD

* This document explains how to use GoodSync 10 with TeraCLOUD. If you use GoodSync 11, please check here.

What is GoodSync


GoodSync is a synchronization software that is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. It is a highly functional software that can backup computer data in one direction and synchronize data between computer and TeraCLOUD in both directions.

In GoodSync, the settings are managed in units of "job". Here, we introduce how to configure settings for backing up your computer data using one-way synchronization.

Click here for the GoodSync website.

We have connected GoodSync and TeraCLOUD and confirmed that it is possible to unidirectionally synchronize the file, but we do not guarantee the complete operation of the application.
As the synchronization setting deletes or overwrites the data on the PC or TeraCLOUD, unintended data deletion / overwriting may occur depending on the setting contents.
Please make sure to try to save the data on TeraCLOUD after saving it in another place.
Also, please contact the developer of the application for operation and troubles of the application.
Although there is no particular restriction on the capacity that can be uploaded at once, large files may not be uploaded depending on the usage environment.

Data backup (one-way synchronization)

Back up the folder of the computer to the TeraCLOUD folder.

1. Click the "+" mark, or "Job"> New in the upper menu.

 To create a job for the first time, start with step 2.

2. Enter an arbitrary job name, select "Backup" as the job type, and click "OK".
3. Select the created job and click "Click and select a folder" on the upper left of the right pane.
4. Click "My Computer", select the folder you want to back up, and click "OK".
5. Click "Click and select a folder please" at the top right of the right pane.
6. Click "WebDAV".
7. Click on "more".
8. Enter the required information and click "Confirm".
 secure mode (encryption)Check
 SSL certificate checkingDo not check  
 connect using proxycheck as necessary
 Input field of upper rowEnter "URL for WebDAV client".
Ex) ""
Please confirm "URL for WebDAV client" by the procedure described here.
 Left (User Name) Enter the user name of TeraCLOUD
 Right (Password) Enter the password of TeraCLOUD.

9. Since the folder list of TeraCLOUD is displayed, select the folder you want to save the backup and click "OK".

Server says: Method Not Allowed (status code 405) appears, but because it is not an error, please proceed as it is.

please note

Please do not select "dav" folder. Because the "dav" folder contains the folder for the snapshot, it may cause unexpected behavior.

10. Click "Analyze".
11. Confirm the analysis result and click "Synchro" to start synchronization.

Unintended deletion / overwriting of data may occur. Please check the contents carefully before starting synchronization.

12. Log in to TeraCLOUD and confirm that it was backed up.

Make automatic synchronization settings

By setting automatic synchronization, it is possible to automatically synchronize with TeraCLOUD at file change or periodic execution.

Here, we will inform you of the basic settings for automatic synchronization. For detailed setting and detailed explanation, please check the GoodSync official website or contact GoodSync Support.

1. Select the job for which automatic synchronization is to be set, and click "Automatic" in the upper right.
2. Configure automatic synchronization according to the application, and click "Save".
 On file change File change When there is a change in the file, analysis and synchronization are performed.
 When connecting folders When connecting folders Analyze and synchronize when folders on both sides are connected.
Example: When the Internet connection is established
 Good sync startup Good sync startup Analyzes and synchronizes when a good sync is started.
 Periodic execution Cycle Execution Periodically analyzes and synchronizes at specified time.
※ You need to start GoodSync.
 When logging off Logoff Perform analysis and synchronization immediately before logoff or restart.
 Schedule Schedule Analyze and synchronize at the time set in Windows Task Scheduler.


The screen display may differ depending on the version.

Updated on June 26, 2018