How do I access and view MyPage (account information page)?

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On My Page, you can check the information registered to your account.

1. Please visit TeraCLOUD or visit MyPage directly in the browser and click "Login".

2. Enter your user ID and password, then click "Login."

3.Click "My Page".

Information displayed on My Page

 The contracted capacity of ○ ○ is ○ GB. Displays the total capacity allocated to the account.
 Upgrade Click to upgrade the capacity of your TeraCLOUD.


Account info.

 User ID Your TeraCLOUD user ID.
 E-mail address The e-mail address registered to your account.
 Last name / name The name registered to your account.
 Account Password Your password displayed as *******.
 Language Settings The language to be displayed on the TeraCLOUD website.
 E-mail notification Setting up to receive TeraCLOUD's email newsletter.
 edit Click to edit your account information.


Apps Connection

Turn on Apps ConnectionClick to turn on or off Apps Connection.
WebDAV Connection URLThis is your server URL for WebDAV connection.
Connection IDThis is your ID for authorization of the connection.
Apps PasswordThis is your password for authorization of the conncection. It will be displayed when you issue.
ReissueClick to reissue Apps Password.

* Your WebDAV connection information can be confirmed while Apps Connection is enabled.


Introduction Bonus Information

 Your referral code Introduction code will be displayed.
 Enter the introduction code Enter the referral code of another user.

Upgrade history

 Enabled / Disabled Whether or not the upgrade is in effect.
 Start Date Date of the upgrade.
 Capacity The upgraded TeraCLOUD capacity.
 Upgrade content Contents of the upgrade applied.
 (new user registration, paid account registration, application of introduction bonus, etc.)
 End Date Date that a paid account upgrade expired or was cancelled, or the expiration date of a bonus
 (such as an introduction bonus).



Updated June 2, 2021