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How to connect GoodSync 11 with TeraCLOUD

* This document explains how to use GoodSync 11 with TeraCLOUD. If you use GoodSync 10, please check here.

What is GoodSync?

GoodSync 11

GoodSync is a sync client software for Windows and macOS. It has high-performance functions to backs up and synchronizes your data.

GoodSync manages a "Job," the task of backup or sync. This document guides how to set up a Job to connect GoodSync with TeraCLOUD and backup your files.

* To turn on or off connections to TeraCLOUD from applications, it is required to configure from My Page. More details can be found here.



How to use

Back up local data to TeraCLOUD.

* This page explains how to sync a local folder with TeraCLOUD.

1. Launch Goodsync and click "New Job" button on the Job menu.

2. Enter job name and select "Backup" as job type, then click "OK" button.

3. Set a left folder. Select the created job, then click "Please click here to select folder" on the upper left of the right pane.

4. From "My Computer", select the folder you want to back up to TeraCLOUD. 

5. Set a right folder. Click Add icon of WebDAV.

6. Enter WebDAV connection information and click "Test" button.

Server AddressEnter your WebDAV Connection URL but only the domain part (ex.
* While Apps Connection is turned on, your WebDAV Connection URL can be confirmed from My Page.
Reference: How do I access and view My Page (account information confirmation page)?
WebDAV root (optional)Enter "/dav/" here.
UserId or EmailEnter your Connection ID.
PasswordEnter your Apps Password.
* If you forget your password, please reissue in these steps.
Secure ConnectionCheck the box.

7. After succeed the connection test, click "Save" button.

If the connection test to TeraCLOUD is successful, it shows "Connection test successful," also files and folders that storaged the top level of TeraCLOUD.

8. Choose a folder for backup destination from the folderlist of TeraCLOUD and click "Apply" button.

Do not select "dav" folder. Backup to "dav" folder may causes unexpected behavior because it has snapshot folders.

9. Click "Options."

10. Make the box "Propagete Deletions" on "General" tab unchecked.

Backup jobs perform one-way synchronization. If the box left checked, your files or folders backed up on TeraCLOUD are deleted when you delete same files or folders on your PC. Please be careful when you use as backup.

11. Click "Analyze" button.

12. Confirm the result of analysis and click "Sync" button to start backup.

13. Log in to TeraCLOUD and confirm your local data is backed up.

Set up Auto Job

Auto Jobs run synchronization to back up automatically when particular event occured or specified time. This page only explains basic settings of Auto Job. Advanced or detailed information can be found on GoodSync's official website or contact to GoodSync Support.

1. Select a job you wish to and click "Auto."

2. Set up "Auto" tab according to uses and click "Save" button.

On File ChangeIt runs analysis and synchronization when any file on the job changed.
On Folders ConnectIt runs analysis and synchronization when left and right folders of the job become connected.
On GoodSync startIt runs analysis and synchronization when GoodSync is launched.
Periodically (On Timer), everyIt periodically runs analysis and synchronization every specified hours and minuties.
On LogoffIt runs analysis and synchronization just before you log off or relaunch PC.
On ScheduleIt runs analysis and synchronization every specified time unit values (month, day of month, day of week, hour, minute).

Activate GoodSync License

License activation of GoodSync 11 enables to use all features of GoodSync.

1. Click "GoodSync Account Setup..." on "Tools" commands.

2. If you don't have GoodSync Account yet, check "Create a new GoodSync Account" and enter your name, email address, password, and your computer name to the form, then click "Next >" button.

If you have already created your GoodSync account, check "Use my existing GoodSync Account" and enter your computer name, user ID or email address, and password to the form.

3. Check "Do Not Serve Files from this Computer's drives" and click "Next >" button.

4. Click "Close" button.

5. Click "GoodSync Account Manage..." on "Tools" commands.

6. After your browser launched, click "Add Licenses by License Key (Batch Code)" on the displayed page.

Before activate GoodSync License, it's neccesary to verify your email address on your GoodSync Account.

7. Enter your license key and click "submit" button.

8. The license key is registered to your account.

9. Back to GoodSync and click "Activate License" on "Help" commands.

10. Check "Activate with GoodSync Account" and confirm your email address on GoodSync Account, then click "Next" button.

11. Your GoodSync License will be activated.

* Your screen may differ from those depicted here, depending on your application and operating system version.

Updated June 2, 2021