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About Apps Connection

In order to change the application connection settings of your TeraCLOUD account, users must configure these settings in the MyPage section in their account.

To strengthen the security level from TeraCLOUD's end, the password used in order to connect TeraCLOUD through other applications must differ from the user's account password.

Accounts registered by 16:25, June 2, 2021, are by default configured to turn Apps Connection on. If the user wishes to refuse external connections, please follow these steps.

* When you reissue your Account Password, please refer here.


Configure Apps Connection


Turn Apps Connection on


Access My Page
1. Log in to TeraCLOUD and access My Page.
Reference: How do I access and view My Page (account information confirmation page) ?

Click "Turn on Apps Connection"
2. Click "Turn on Apps Connection" in "Apps Connection."

Click "Turn on"
3. Click "Turn on."

WebDAV connection information
4. It shows WebDAV connection information.
WebDAV Connection URLThis is the server URL of your File Browser to enter when you connect from applications
Connection IDThis is your ID for the authorization of the connection.
It is the same as your TeraCLOUD user ID.
Apps PasswordThis is your password for the authorization of the connection.
* The password will be displayed below the table when you issue it.
* The display of the password will disappear when the screen is reloaded and it cannot be redisplayed. Therefore, please keep it in a safe place.

You can get a new password with the "Reissue" button.
* Multiple passwords cannot be available. The previous password will be invalid after reissuance.

Copy the URL and the password
5. Your WebDAV connection URL and Apps Password can be copied with the each clipboard icon.

Enter the information into apps
6. Enter the information into WebDAV connection settings in applications, then you can manage TeraCLOUD with your favorite ones.
* The image is from GoodSync 11.


Reissue Apps Password


Click the "Reissue" button
1. Click the "Reissue" button from "Apps Password."

Click "Reissue"
2. Click "Reissue."

A new password appears
3. A new password appears below the information table.


Turn Apps Connection off


Click "Turn on Apps Connection"
1. Click "Turn on Apps Connection" while Apps Connection is turned on.

Click "Turn off"
2. Click "Turn off."

Apps Connection  will be turned off
3. WebDAV connection information will disappears and Apps Connection will be turned off.


Updated June 2, 2021