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Link your TeraCLOUD account to Evermusic and boost your music library with 5GB of free data!

TeraCLOUD and Everappz have recently teamed together to provide users a chance to get 15GB of free TeraCLOUD storage!

Users who link their TeraCLOUD account to Evermusic will receive 5GB of free TeraCLOUD storage.



Join the 9 million users who have already downloaded Evermusic and enhance your music listening experience.


About Evermusic

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Connect TeraCLOUD to Evermusic to save and transfer your favorite music, upload and download album titles, listen to music without limitations, and improve your music experience.

About Everappz


Everappz offers three multi-functional applications supported for iOS devices that helps music lovers manage, store, and secure their music collection to the cloud, and more!


Connect to Flacbox and Evertag for more free storage

Connect your TeraCLOUD account to Flacbox for an additional 10GB of TeraCLOUD storage.

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Available on the App Store

The Everappz lineup can be downloaded from the Apple Store for any iOS device.

TeraCLOUD users are now able to directly connect their TeraCLOUD account using their Connection ID (User ID) and Application Password to Evermusic.

All applications are user friendly and available in multiple language options.



Eligible UsersTeraCLOUD account users who link their account to Evermusic.
5GB of additional TeraCLOUD capacity (valid for one year)
The 5GB bonus will be added to the users account after connecting your TeraCLOUD account to Evermusic.
A TeraCLOUD account is required to participate.
The 5GB bonus will be added to the users account after connecting your TeraCLOUD account to Evermusic.
When connecting to all three applications—Evermusic, Flacbox, and Evertag—a total of 15GB will be distributed (5GB per app).
Additional Notes
  • This bonus can be redeemed once per account.
  • Evermusic is available for iOS devices only.
  • iOS requirements are implemented.
  • Accounts already linked to Evermusic prior to this event will automatically be given the 5GB bonus after launching the application.
  • The bonus will remain valid for one year after the initial date of connection.
  • This campaign may be terminated or altered without any advanced notice.

Ongoing events


May 16th, 2022

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