Use Solid Explorer with TeraCLOUD

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Use Solid Explorer with TeraCLOUD

What is Solid Explorer?

Solid Explorer ファイル&クラウドマネージャ


Solid Explorer is a file manager for Android.
It can be used to manage and manipulate files on your device or online storage.
It has two independent panels and supports drag and drop between or within the panels.

This document explains how to connect Solid Explorer with TeraCLOUD.

We have confirmed the ability of Solid Explorer to connect to TeraCLOUD and transfer files, but this does not amount to a full guarantee of the application's functionality. Be sure to save a copy of your TeraCLOUD data in a separate location before trying this application. Please direct all inquiries regarding Solid Explorer to the application vendor. TeraCLOUD does not impose any restrictions on data uploads, but depending on your environment, you may be unable to upload large files.