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What payment methods are available?

TeraCLOUD Payment Method

Payment for TeraCLOUD capacity upgrades is handled through PayPal subscriptions which are automatically recurring.

A valid PayPal account is required for capacity upgrades. Two types of currencies, US Dollars and Japanese Yen, are accepted as valid payment alternatives to provide additional flexibility for global TeraCLOUD subscribers.

To reflect the upgrade capacity pricing in USD currency format, users must have their Web Browser language set to English. If a user notices that the desired currency type isn't showing up, please check your browser's current language settings.

If the language of the Web Browser is not English, please change it and try upgrading again. Please review that the currency matches the desired currency you wish to pay in. TeraCloud Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any mistakes made if the wrong currency is selected.

For more information about PayPal, or to sign up for an account, please refer to the PayPal website .

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Payment Date

The timing of payment for capacity upgrades is as follows.

The next payment date is also listed in the confirmation email from PayPal.

Please Note

Multiple Capacity Upgrades

Multiple simultaneous capacity upgrades are possible with TeraCLOUD.
When multiple capacity upgrades are purchased, the following details apply.


Changing Upgrade Capacity

It is not possible to directly modify the capacity or payment period of upgrades.
However, it is possible to change the contents of capacity upgrades by exchanging one PayPal subscription for another, as follows.

  1. From the TeraCLOUD upgrade screen, select the capacity and payment method reflecting the desired change and perform a capacity upgrade.
  2. After confirming that the desired upgrade is complete, cancel the previous upgrade subscription through PayPal.

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Updated October 1, 2021