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Using CarotDAV with TeraCLOUD

What is CarotDAV

CarotDAV is a free WebDAV client for Windows. It also supports FTP, FTPS and other protocols and cloud services.

You can upload and download files by connecting to TeraCLOUD and manage them with the Explorer-like familiar screen. It also features Auto Split, an automatic file dividing tool, and therefore it is more fast and easy to upload large files.

CarotDAV can be downloaded here .

*To turn on or off connections to TeraCLOUD from applications, it is required to configure from My Page. More details can be found here .

CarotDAV Icon.png


We confirmed the ability to connect CarotDAV and TeraCLOUD, as well as the download and upload capabilities, but we cannot guarantee the application's total functionality. Be sure to save a copy of your TeraCLOUD data in a separate location before trying this application.

Set up TeraCLOUD for CarotDAV

The below examples are using CarotDAV 1.16.1
Depending on the user's application version, the screen results may vary.


CarotDAV Icon.png
1. Launch CarotDAV 
Clicked the installed version of CarotDAV.

s2 CarotDAV.png
2. Select "File"

s3 carotDAV.png
3. Enter your WebDAV connection information
Enter the following information listed below and click "Test."

※ Saving Username and Password is optional. If you choose this option, you will have to manually input it each time you wish to connect with TeraCLOUD.
Setting NameEnter a username
Username should be something that is easy to remember (ex. TeraCLOUD)
URLEnter your WebDAV Connection URL
* While Apps Connection is turned on , your WebDAV Connection URL can be confirmed from My Page .
Reference: How do I access and view My Page (account information confirmation page)?
Integrated Windows AuthenticationDo not check.
Don't save Username and PasswordCheck if you do not want to save the your username and password.
UsernameEnter your Connection ID.
Case Sensitive
PasswordEnter your Apps Password.
* If you forget your password, please reissue in these steps.


It may take several minutes for external programs to accept newly reissued app credentials. If an error notice appears shortly after reissuing your password, please wait a few minutes before attempting to reconnect.

s4 carotDAV.png
4. Test is complete
If the test was successful, an empty message box will appear.

If an error message is displayed, click "OK" and repeat step 3.

s5 carotDAV.png
5. Click "OK"

s6 carotDAV.png
6. TeraCLOUD is connected
TeraCLOUD has been successfully connected to CarotDAV.
You can now upload and download files from your computers directory.

Connect to TeraCLOUD


s1 connect CarotDAV.png
1. Double-click TeraCLOUD's setting name

s2 connect CarotDAV.png
2. TeraCLOUD is now connected to CarotDAV

Upload a file

s1 upload CarotDAV.png
1. Select the location to save the file
Select a folder to save the file.
Click "Upload"

s2 upload CarotDAV.png
2. Select the file
Click "Open"
Hold Shift or Ctrl to select multiple files.
Click "Upload Folder" to upload an entire folder.
Drag and drop is also possible

3. Upload will begin
Uploading time may vary on:

s3 upload CarotDAV.png
4. File upload is complete
There are no limits to the amount of data that may be uploaded at once to TeraCLOUD, although huge files cannot be uploaded due largely to the environment and program limits.



s1 download CarotDAV.png
1. Select the file you want to download
Press shift or Ctrl to select multiple files 
Click "Upload Folder" to upload an entire folder.
Drag and drop is also possible

s2 download CarotDAV.png
2. Select the download destination
Click "OK"


3. The download will begin

About split upload

Since CarotDAV supports division uploading, it is possible to split and upload large files by setting.




s1 settings CarotDAV.png
1. Right-click the setting name of TeraCLOUD
Click the "Property" selection.

s2 settings CarotDAV.png
2. Click the "Special" tab
Select "Auto Split/Combine Files"
Click "OK."
The split upload setting is complete.

※ "greater than" allows you to specify the file split size.

Updated June 2, 2021

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