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Using CarotDAV with TeraCLOUD

What is CarotDAV

CarotDAV is a free WebDAV client software for Windows that also supports FTP / FTTPS. You can display the file / folder list on the screen like the Explorer.

By connecting to TeraCLOUD and WebDAV, you can upload and download files.

Operating environment (as of May 2017) * Please confirm the latest information on the official site of CarotDAV.

Download CarotDAV here

* To turn on or off connections to TeraCLOUD from applications, it is required to configure from My Page. More details can be found here.


Set up TeraCLOUD for CarotDAV

Here, we will inform CarotDAV 1.9.10 as an example.
Depending on the application version, the screen may be different.

1.Start CarotDAV.

2.Click "File" → "New Connection" → "WebDAV".

3.Enter your WebDAV connection information and click the "Test" button.

Setting NameEnter a memorable name (ex. TeraCLOUD).
URIEnter your WebDAV Connection URL
* While Apps Connection is turned on, your WebDAV Connection URL can be confirmed from My Page.
Reference: How do I access and view My Page (account information confirmation page)?
Integrated Windows AuthenticationDo not check.
Don't save Username and PasswordCheck if you do not want to save the your username and password.
UsernameEnter your Connection ID.
PasswordEnter your Apps Password.
* If you forget your password, please reissue in these steps.

4.If nothing is displayed in the message box, the test is completed normally. Click the "OK" button.

If an error message is displayed, click the "OK" button, review the contents entered in step 3 and click the "Test" button again.

5.Click the "OK" button.

6.TeraCLOUD setting is complete.

Connect to TeraCLOUD

1.Double-click the setting name of TeraCLOUD

2.It was connected to TeraCLOUD.

Upload a file

In TeraCLOUD, there is no particular restriction on the capacity that can be uploaded at one time, but large files can not be uploaded due to the environment and application limitations.

1.Move to the folder you want to upload the file and click the "Upload" button.

2.Select the file you want to upload and click the "Open" button.

Multiple files can be selected by holding down Shift or Ctrl key and selecting.

3.Upload will start.

It may take time to complete uploading depending on the status of the internet line, file size, and number of files.

4.File upload is complete.



1.Navigate to the folder containing the file you want to download and select the file.

Multiple files can be selected by holding down Shift or Ctrl key and selecting.

2.Select the folder (eg My Documents) on the download destination computer and click the "OK" button.

3.The download will start.


About split upload

Since CarotDAV supports division uploading, it is possible to split and upload large files by setting.


Setting method

1.Right-click the setting name of TeraCLOUD and click "Property".

2. Click the "Special" tab, select "Auto Split / Combine Files" and click the "OK" button.

※ "greater than" allows you to specify the file split size.

The split upload setting is complete.



The screen display may differ depending on the version.

Updated June 2, 2021