How to unsubscribe from promotional mail.

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Unsubscribe from promotional mail

Only paid account members may modify their mail delivery preferences to stop receiving promotional emails from TeraCLOUD.

How to unsubscribe

Access My Page
1. Log in to TeraCLOUD and access My Page.
* See also: How do I access and view My Page (account information confirmation page)?

Click "Edit"
2. Click "Edit."
The "Edit" button is located below "Account info."

Change the receiving settings
3. Modify the receiving settings.
To confirm, enter you e-mail address and select "Unsubscribe" from the "email notifications" tab.
Click "Save"
Click the "Save" button.

Unsubscribing is complete
4. The modification is complete.
As soon as the change is reflected, promotional emails will no longer be sent to your account.


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Updated August 3, 2021