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TeraCLOUD's storage is stored in a disk array created with RAID Z3 (triple parity redundancy) of the Solaris system ZFS file system.

This RAID Z3 is a RAID system that emphasizes safety in terms of speed, and it has the strength to withstand up to 3 disks at the maximum simultaneously.

In addition to mere physical disk drive corruption, inconsistency at the time of data reading is automatically recovered, so avoid silent data collapse of the disk drive (data corruption and corruption problems while you are not aware) To do.

(Reference) http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19253-01/819-6260/givdn/index.html

About ZFS snapshots

TeraCLOUD creates a ZFS dataset for each customer and regularly saves the snapshot for each ZFS dataset to prepare for logical data corruption.

A snapshot is a function based on ZFS that saves the image of that moment in the file system.

The snapshot holds up to 8 generations once every 3 hours, once a day for up to 14 generations (as of February 2015).

 A snapshot can be created instantaneously, in which case no additional capacity is required. Capacity will be consumed by subsequent data change.
TeraCLOUD also includes this snapshot in your capacity.As your available capacity decreases, your snapshots are automatically deleted by the system.
Even if the snapshot is deleted, it will not affect your "current TeraCLOUD data", but you will not be able to access past data.

ZFS image

Only a limited server administrator can access to storage, but there is a possibility that a server administrator may make a mistake operation due to operation at the time of failure.

Even if the wrong operation is done there, you can recover data to a certain extent in logical operation mistakes by restoring data from the snapshot or by performing rollback even in the worst case.

Furthermore, in addition to this, we are currently preparing a system for asynchronous data transfer to another site, and by completing the system construction of this data transfer, even if destruction of the entire site is done, It is possible to hold it.

(It is a system already done in our enterprise cloud infrastructure.For details, please see the technical data of JUSTPLAYER)

In this way, the system is designed and constructed so that the data can be protected as much as possible, but due to various problems such as large scale catastrophes and unknown obstacles of the OS and software, etc., 100 %, I can not say that I can protect my data.

Therefore, we always ask you to back up data to TeraCLOUD in another location.

Updated February 19, 2016