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Back up large capacity data! Introduction of usage scene of TeraCLOUD

"How can I use 1 TB of capacity?"

"Even if it is 1 TB (terabyte), it seems not to be used so much"

That's not true!

It is enough capacity to store many valuable data you have, such as memories photos and videos, music, illustration data and so on.

How much is 1 TB?

Here, we will show you how to use the advantage that you can upload high-speed data at high speed.

Please do a reference by all means!


Upload important photo and video data in various scenes

1. Capacity reduction by backing up photos and videos of smartphones. Great appreciation at drinking party seen from anytime anywhere from the application

Backing up from a smartphone to a PC or looking at backed up photos is troublesome ...

Backing up from a smartphone to a personal computer and having trouble watching the backed up photos unless you start up the computer ...

Anyway, Mr. K, a college student I love to play with my friends, takes pictures and movies with a smartphone every time I go out to play.

Since we take lots of pictures and videos every day, it's often that I'm getting full of capacity!

Every time it was connected to a personal computer and backed up and it was erased from the smartphone.

Mr. K who was troublesome not to see pictures and movies unless you start up connecting the smartphone to the computer one by one and backing up the computer each time.

 Back up from the smartphone to TeraCLOUD using the photo transfer application!

Photo transfer application "PhotoSync"

So, I searched the net for something good way to back up the photos of the smartphone.

I found an introduction page saying "It is recommended to back up to online storage" TeraCLOUD "using the photo transfer application" PhotoSync "".

After that, back up photos and videos to TeraCLOUD using PhotoSync!

Since it is stored in TeraCLOUD batch, it is OK even after erasing photos and movies of smartphone afterwards! And that.

It is now no longer to worry about the capacity of the smartphone and to be moyamoya.

 You can browse & back up photos and videos of TeraCLOUD anytime, anywhere!

You can watch pictures and videos of TeraCLOUD anytime, anywhere! Even my friends can show you immediately ♪

When I gather at a drinking party with my classmate, when I am excited with memory story, I'm getting wanted to see the photos and videos I took.

Mr. K is there! Take out the smartphone dashi and show the photos and videos of the memories saved in TeraCLOUD using the application.

Then, everyone gathered beside me, flowers bloom in the story while watching it.

Even if you do not carry the data, if you put it in TeraCLOUD, it will be seen as a saw in the app!

Of course, photos and videos taken at the drinking party are saved in TeraCLOUD immediately on the spot.

It seems to be a big success in scenes looking back on memories from now on ♪


Convenient usage of PhotoSync and TeraCLOUD 

If you want to back up photos and videos of your smartphone, please try with 10GB free account of TeraCLOUD first!

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2. Back up photo data of memories taken with digital camera. Connect your computer to a TV, watch a slideshow with your family

One day suddenly I lost the picture of the memories of 10 years I was in the hard disk ...

An important photograph that I want to keep forever, I took a picture of the growth of children

Mr. S, a father with two children.

I loved children and took me to various places such as mountains, rivers and camps to show various worlds.

I am surprised at the first time, such as the shutter opportunity is not missed.

That way, I have taken pictures of the children growing every day for 10 years.

Pictures of memories were carefully preserved in external hard disks.

However! One day suddenly a power outage occurred, I lost a picture.

 I want to safely back up many important photograph data for years to come.

Pictures that continue to shoot from now on. I would like to keep important data safe

Fortunately, although I could restore the photos, I decided to back up to storage other than external hard disks in preparation for any chance.

Considering that you can back up photos with hundreds of gigabytes already, and thinking that you want to continue backing up with confidence for years to come, let's introduce your online colleagues to introduce their online storage.

I came across to TeraCLOUD.

Automatically back up to TeraCLOUD with file synchronization software safely!

File synchronization software "GoodSync"

After that, using "GoodSync" which can automatically synchronize the data, back up the photos saved on the external hard disk to TeraCLOUD!

If photos are automatically backed up to TeraCLOUD, you can relieve even if the photos of the external hard disk are gone ___

Even if it suddenly fails, we are not worried about this.

When you want to see the backed up photos with your family, you can play pictures slideshow with TeraCLOUD and enjoy petit watching!


Convenient usage of GoodSync and TeraCLOUD

Can I display an image like a slide show? 

If you want to back up photos of your memories, first try TeraCLOUD's free account 10GB!

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3. Share videos taken with a friend on a trip. Edit and create original movies and show off to family and friends

I want to share movie data with large capacity with friends far away ...

Videos and pictures of travel memories

Mr. A, an office worker who loves to travel.

Together with my college friends, it is my hobby that I am relaxed by traveling around sightseeing spots with delicious things and tasty sights!

A wonderful encounter a long while in the trip.

I am shooting with a video to leave that moment as memories.

After a fun journey, editing the shot video with friends, it was a pity to create an original movie of memories.

However, since becoming a member of society, the members who gathered and edited in college days have gone far away.

Even if I wanted to edit the taken videos with everyone, I was having trouble doing with them.

 High speed upload / share large volume data with TeraCLOUD!

High speed upload / share large volume data with TeraCLOUD!

TeraCLOUD I got to know on Twitter when I was retweeted by Tweet.

Since it is possible to upload large capacity movie data at high speed and share files and folders among friends, "It is perfect for saving movies and sharing with friends and editing together! It seems I thought.

Then I started using TeraCLOUD.

 Even share large size data easily with file / folder sharing!

It feels like I'm making it together on the spot

Today, even movies with large file sizes that can not be sent by e-mail are shared with TeraCLOUD file sharing.

When making a movie of memories, you share the folder and you want to put it in the movie or upload your favorite material data and edit it.

"I am not there but I am happy to be able to make it together again," Mr. A said.

By the way, it seems that the completed original movie is saved in TeraCLOUD, shared with other friends and family using the URL for sharing ♪


How do I share files and folders? 

If you want to save large amounts of data, please try with 10GB free account of TeraCLOUD first!

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Import important data to TeraCLOUD fast upload!

1. It is possible to store large volume data. It is safe without worrying about the free space!

In TeraCLOUD, when you create a new account you can use 10 GB free of charge.

Also, up to 1 TB of capacity will be added with an introduction bonus.

TeraCLOUD capacity can be purchased additionally up to 10 TB.

You do not have to worry about which data is backed up to online storage.

Data of personal computer, smartphone, external hard disk can be uploaded to TeraCLOUD whole.


2. Upload data fast! There is no waiting time.

When you save 100 photos (about 227 MB) on the iPhone and transfer the folder, it takes only about 42 seconds *. Upload comfortably large files as well. As a result, there is no annoying waiting time for uploading files.

※ Our actual measurement. The upload time varies depending on the usage environment of the customer.


If you do not have an account register now

If you want to upload and share large volumes of data at high speed, first try TeraCLOUD free account 10GB!


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