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What is OverTheAir?

OverTheAir is a WebDAV client application compatible with iOS such as iPhone / iPad. You can display a wide range of files such as PDF, office documents and HTML images, and draw notes in PDF.

Here, we will show you how to connect OverTheAir and TeraCLOUD.

We have connected OverTheAir and TeraCLOUD and confirmed that you can download and upload files, but it does not guarantee complete operation of the application. 
Please make sure to try to save the data on TeraCLOUD after saving it in another place.Also, please contact the developer of the application for operation and troubles of the application.
Although there is no particular restriction on the capacity that can be uploaded at once, large files may not be uploaded depending on the usage environment. Set OverTheAir Uploading data

Set OverTheAir

1. Start OverTheAir and tap Add Server.

2. Tap "Other WebDAV server".

3. Enter the required information and tap "Save".

 Display NameEnter a descriptive name. (Ex: Teracloud)  
 URL Enter "URL for WebDAV client" as one-byte character.
Please confirm "URL for WebDAV client" by the procedure described here.
 User ID Enter the TeraCLOUD user ID.
 Password Enter the TeraCLOUD user password. 

4. Tap the name of TeraCLOUD you set (eg Teracloud).

5.TeraCLOUD files / folders are displayed. 


Uploading data

1. Tap the server of TeraCLOUD.

2. Tap the camera icon in the upper right.

3. Tap 'Select from album'.

4. When a dialog box "OverTheAir" requests access to photos, tap "OK".

5. Select the data you want to upload.

6. Select the upload image quality with the bar at the bottom and tap "Start Upload".

7. The upload is completed.



The screen display may differ depending on the version.

Updated on January 28, 2016