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Using File Manager + with TeraCLOUD?

What is File Manager +?

File Manager+

File Manager +

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File Manager + is a feature-rich, user-friendly file explorer for Android devices. It features an easy user interface and is very simple to use.

It is possible to easily manage storage on your device, NAS (Network-attached storage), and cloud storage.

It supports many file management activities, such as opening, searching, navigating directories, copying and pasting, cutting, deleting, and renaming files as well as compressing and decompressing files of various file types, such as media and apk.

This document explains how to connect File Manager + with TeraCLOUD.

*To enable or disable connections to TeraCLOUD, the Apps Connection function must be configured in My Page. More information can be found here.


  • We have confirmed the ability of File Manager + to connect to TeraCLOUD, transfer files, and add to playlists, but this does not amount to a full guarantee of the application's functionality.
  • Before utilizing this application, make sure to store any data that is being uploaded to TeraCLOUD in a different location.
  • If your Apps Password is reissued, it is necessary to reconfigure the password for the connected account.
  • Please direct all inquiries regarding the application to its vendor.
  • TeraCLOUD does not impose any restrictions on

Set up TeraCLOUD

1. Open File Manager + and tap "Remote".

2. Tap "Remote" in the home menu.

3. Tap "Add Remote Location".

4. Select "WebDAV".

5. Enter your TeraCLOUD account information and tap "OK".

HostEnter "URL for WebDAV client" as one-byte character.
Please confirm "URL for WebDAV client" by the procedure described here.
PortEnter "443" as half-width characters.
http/httpsSelect "https".
UsernameEnter the user ID of TeraCLOUD as one-byte characters.
PasswordEnter the TeraCLOUD Apps password.
Display nameEnter a descriptive name. (Example: TeraCLOUD)

The screen display may differ depending on the version.


Updated on October 14, 2022

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