What is TeraCLOUD?

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Massive capacity, cost effective, constant accessibility and security

About TeraCLOUD

TeraCLOUD is a user-friendly, multi-device compatible cloud storage platform with Terabyte (TB) capacity provided by TeraCloud Co., Ltd. located in Japan.

Using TeraCLOUD to manage varied data will improve your life all the more.

Emphasizing accessibility and trustworthiness, TeraCLOUD can cater to the needs of users seeking a reliable and transparent service. Taking new steps to further establish this service as the finest option for customers, with the goal of delivering the most accessible and secure method of storing data in the cloud. At its core, TeraCLOUD satisfies the various needs for securely storing images, videos, music, documents, and other media online, while also meeting the standard as the cloud has become a commonplace aspect in everyday life.

Whether it's the need for a securely stored second copy, archiving data, long-term storage, or backing up files your heart just isn't ready to get rid of. TeraCLOUD's variety of features and benefits attain those cloud needs. Backing up data without fear of storage restrictions is now possible thanks to the widespread support of WebDAV applications.

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