The capacity has become full.

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Please consider adding capacity

TeraCLOUD capacity can be added. Please refer here for details.
In addition, please confirm the following.

ZFS snapshot capacity

TeraCLOUD periodically creates snapshots of Oracle Solaris 11 file system "ZFS".

 ZFS snapshot is a function to save the image of that moment in the file system. Please refer here for details.

ZFS snapshots are held up to 8 generations once every 3 hours, and up to 14 generations are kept once a day.
Deleting a file does not release the space because the file is included in the ZFS snapshot.
Since the area is released by disappearing the snapshot holding the deleted file, please wait for 1 day to several days.

*When the remaining capacity decreases, all ZFS snapshots are automatically deleted.


 When the file capacity becomes full and operation becomes impossible

If you run out of space until the remaining capacity becomes 0 Byte, files may not be deleted or moved.
This happens because you can not secure free space for metadata rewriting for file deletion and movement.

As the ZFS snapshot disappears, the area is released and operation becomes possible. Please wait for a while and try the operation again.

*If you continue uploading data, please be aware that ZFS snapshot disappears and the space may be exhausted immediately even if the area is released.If there is no change in the situation, please contact us from the inquiry form.