My account is out of space.

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My account is out of space.

Consider adding capacity

You can add capacity to your account. Please see here for details.

ZFS snapshots and available capacity

TeraCLOUD periodically creates snapshots using the features of ZFS, the Oracle Solaris 11 filesystem. Snapshots are taken every three hours, keeping the most recent eight snapshots, and daily, keeping the most recent 14 snapshots.

 ZFS snapshots save the state of a filesystem at a given point in time. Please see here for details.

Deleting files that existed when one of these snapshots was taken does not free capacity immediately because copies remain in the snapshot(s). As new snapshots are taken, older snapshots (beyond the eighth most recent three-hour snapshot and the 14th most recent daily snapshot) disappear, so it may take a few days after deleting files for your available capacity to increase.

Viewing and deleting ZFS snapshots

You can view and manipulate your account's snapshots in the Dataset Editor.


When your account runs completely out of space (0 bytes available), it becomes impossible to move or delete files because there is no longer any space available to rewrite metadata for file operations. If this happens, it is possible to free space by deleting snapshots.

When a TeraCLOUD account completely runs out of space, all ZFS snapshots are automatically deleted.

* Please be aware that if uploads are in progress, space freed by deleting ZFS snapshots may be used up immediately.

If you are unable to free capacity on your account, please contact TeraCLOUD Support.

Updated August 19, 2020