What happens if my account exceeds the storage limit?

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What happens if my account exceeds the storage limit?

If your TeraCLOUD account exceeds the storage limit, your accounts functionality will be restricted and a variety of features will stop working.


How to add more storage capacity to your TeraCLOUD account

If you have exceeded the storage limit on your account, you are welcome to upgrade your account to one of our premium plans. TeraCLOUD offers affordable upgrade plans in 300GB, 3TB, and 10TB capacities. All plans are available for monthly or annual subscriptions.

At this moment, PayPal is the only accepted payment method.

To learn more about the difference about the perks of free and premium accounts, please visit here


What are ZFS snapshots and how can I delete them?

TeraCLOUD periodically creates snapshots using the ZFS file system. Snapshots are taken several times throughout the day and utilized for retrieving misplaced or older versions of your data.

These ZFS snapshots take up available storage space in your account and can be deleted to free up additional space. Just deleting a file does not free up space as the ZFS snapshot is also included.

These snapshots can be accessed using the dataset editor. Here, you will be able to manipulate and delete the ZFS files currently attached to your account's file system.

It may take several minutes for your account to reflect the change from the ZFS deletion.


What happens if my account remains inactive for an extended period of time when the storage limit is exceeded?

If an account exceeds the storage limit and fails to promptly correct it, the files and data associated with that account may become subject for deletion according to TeraCLOUD's Terms of Service.

TeraCLOUD Support will try its best to communicate with the user, but we are unable to guarantee that we will or that the uploaded data will be maintained.


Updated November 17, 2022

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