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Consider adding capacity

All users can to upgrade their free account to a premium account. Premium account plans include a 300GB, 3TB, or 10TB plan. Users can sign up for monthly or annual subscriptions, paying through PayPal. 

Pricing information can be found on TeraCLOUD's homepage.

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Payment Methods

How to Add Capacity

ZFS snapshots and available capacity

TeraCLOUD periodically creates snapshots using the features of ZFS. On a three-hour basis, snapshots will be captured for data back-up in cases of accidental deletion or user based errors. The most recent eight screenshots will be registered on your account. In addition, daily snapshots will also be captured for the same purposes. The most recent fourteen screenshots will be registered on your account.

 ZFS snapshots save the state of a filesystem at a given point in time. Please see here for details.

Capacity is not created upon the deletion of already existing files due to remaining snapshot copies. As new snapshots are captured, older snapshots (beyond the eighth-most recent three-hour snapshot and the 14th most recent daily snapshot) disappear. It may take up to a few days for the user's available capacity to increase.

Viewing and deleting ZFS snapshots

You can view and manipulate your account's snapshots in the Dataset Editor.


In the case where the user's account runs entirely out of data (0 bytes available), moving or deleting files will no longer be an available option. This is due to there no longer being any free space to rewrite the metadata for file operations. If this event were to happen, it is possible to free space by deleting snapshots.

When a TeraCLOUD account completely runs out of space, all ZFS snapshots are automatically deleted.

*Please be wary that in some cases if a user's uploads are in progress, ZFS snapshots may be deleted automatically to create free space for the current upload.

If you are unable to free capacity on your account, please contact TeraCLOUD Support.

Updated October 1, 2021