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How much is 1 TB?

1 TB (terabyte) is 1,000 GB (gigabyte).

Main notebook computer's hard disk is 500 GB to 1 TB


The hard disk built in the notebook computer is about 500 GB to 1 TB in many cases, and SSD (Solid State Drive) which is recently widespread has been sold in the order of 240 GB to 500 GB.

There seems to be a lot of people connecting external hard disks for saving data consuming the capacity of photos, videos, music files and so on. This external hard disk is mainstream 1TB ~ 2TB.



DVD (4.7 GB)


1 TB = about 211 sheets 

If you watch 4 movies a month,

It will be about four years' worth.

smartphone (16 GB)


1 TB = about 62 cars
 If you replace it once every two years,

It will be about 31 years' worth.

digital camera photo (4 MB)


1 TB = about 250,000 sheets

Taking 10 cards a day, 25, 000 days,

It will be about 68 years worth. 


Paperback book (100 MB)


1 TB = 10,000 volumes

If you read one book a day,It will be about 27 years worth.

Music (4 minutes 5MB)


1 TB = 200 thousand songs
 Continuously flowing continues,It will be about 555 days worth.

 movie (1 min 100 MB)


1 TB = about 166 hours worth

If you take a 2 hour event in full HD, it will be about 83 times. 


If TeraCLOUD you can back up more than 1 TB of data.

TeraCLOUD is an online storage service from 1 TB up to 10 TB.

Because it is a large-capacity online storage service that can be expanded up to 10 TB, you can upload important data more quickly without worrying about the capacity of the internal hard disk of the notebook computer or the external hard disk.

Ideal for backing up data. Your data will be stored in a RAID Z3 redundant enterprise storage system. Please try 10GB for free first.


Create a free account here


Upgrade plan


  Free Account
 10 GB free
  Paid Account
 +1 TB (1,000 GB)¥ 980 / month
¥ 9,800 / year
 +3 TB (3,000 GB)¥ 29,000 / year
 +5 TB (5,000 GB)¥ 45,000 / year

*The display is a tax separate price.

We adopt Oracle Solaris 11 ZFS as the file system

TeraCLOUD creates a ZFS file system * for each customer's account, and the capacity is set as the quota (capacity limit) value of ZFS.

We store ZFS snapshots for each of our ZFS file systems. The snapshot saves the state of the file at that moment, does not require additional capacity at the time of creation, and consumes capacity due to subsequent data changes.




Since TeraCLOUD holds up to 8 generations at once every 3 hours and once for each day up to 14 generations, you can download data that you accidentally deleted or overwritten from the snapshot.

*Data not stored in the ZFS snapshot can not be downloaded.

This ZFS snapshot is saved using the free space of your data area, and it will be deleted automatically when the free space becomes small. Even if the ZFS snapshot is deleted, it will not affect current customer's data.

*Capacity of uploaded files and directories (folders) is calculated based on the value on ZFS. Therefore, since the calculation method differs from the file system (NTFS, FAT, exFAT, HFS +, ext etc) used by the customer's device, the capacity actually available differs greatly (about 70 to 130%) in usage I will.

What kind of storage does the data store? 

Updated on January 28, 2016