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TeraCLOUD implements a WebDAV engine (high-speed WebDAV) that has been reformed specifically for TeraCLOUD purposes and use. These improvements have been in accordance with the high-speed and versatile "Apache mod_dav."

*We do not accept inquiries about WebDAV compatible apps.


About high-speed WebDAV


About WebDAV apps that may not be recommended or may not be available

For WebDAV apps such as the following, it may not be possible to use normally.

Mounting as a file system



Broadly, volumes mounted as a file system are devices with fast reaction speeds. As a result, applications accessing that volume are built on the assumption that reaction speed is fast.

By way of illustration, Windows explorer, Mac OS X Finder, and Nautilus on Linux Gnome can all see file information, check directory information before opening the file, and create thumbnails and process the files prior to being accessed by the user.

Lamentably, the response speed of TeraCLOUD's WebDAV service exists on the internet and is shared by a significant number of users as it is shared. Accordingly, the response speed is regrettably slow compared to these local devices. The rate of these local devices can exceed 1,000 times. Due to this, applications that frequently access detailed data often acquire data repeatedly, which can be exceedingly plentiful and may exceed the timeout time of the file browser (Explorer, Finder, Nautilus, etc.).

Furthermore, even if there is disruption due to the influence of the network or service, we will not perform a retry to resume. Although TeraCLOUD will continue to improve its speed in the future, considering the delay of the internet, it is unfortunately unbearable, and it will be impossible to complete file uploading and downloading.

That being the case, it is recommended to use WebDAV apps on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.


Other compatibility issues

Further descriptions and issues will be added upon discovery.


Updated on Nov. 30, 2018