How do I use the File Browser?

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For Smartphone

mobile filebrowser

A: Menu

 Icon Name Description
menu barMenuOpens the menu.
user IDUser IDYour user ID.
capacityCapacityYour total account capacity and remaining free space.
refreshRefresh ButtonRecalculates your capacity information.
upgradeUpgradeOpens the upgrade page.
My PageMy PageOpens My Page.
Shared ObjectsShared ObjectsDisplays a list of files and folders that are currently being shared.
HelpHelpDisplays the help page (this page).
LogoutLogoutLogs out of TeraCLOUD.


B: Toolbars

 Icon Name Description
UpUpMoves up a level in the folder hierarchy. 
Folder TreeFolder TreeShow or hide the folder navigation tree.
PathPathDisplays the folder path.
 Upload StatusUpload StatusDisplays the status of an upload in progress.
You can pause or cancel the upload.
* This icon is only displayed when an upload is in progress.
Selection ModeSelection ModeToggles file selection mode on or off.
DisplayDisplayChanges the view mode between Thumbnails, Content, and List.
File Selection Mode: No files selected
 Icon Name Description
Select AllSelect AllSelect all files in the current directory.
RefreshRefreshReload the directory listing, reflecting any changes since the last time it was loaded.
UploadUploadSelect and upload files.
New FolderNew FolderCreate a new folder.
PastePastePaste file(s) to the current location.
File Selection Mode: Files selected
 Icon Name Description
Clear SelectionClear SelectionClear the current selection.
cutCutCut the selected files.
copyCopyCopy the selected files.
DeleteDeleteDelete the selected files.
pastePastePaste files to the current location.

C: Directory Listing

A list of the files and folders saved in your TeraCLOUD account.

 Icon Name Description
PropertiesPropertiesDisplays detailed information about the file.
You can configure sharing settings from this screen.


For Desktop


A: Status Display

 Icon Name Description
capacitycapacityYour total account capacity and remaining free space.
refreshrefreshRecalculates your capacity information.
 upgradeupgradeOpens the upgrade screen.
User IDUser IDYour user ID.
 my pageMy PageMy page is displayed.
upgrade additional Capacityupgrade/additional CapacityOpens the upgrade page.
shared fileshared ObjectsDisplays a list of files and folders that are currently being shared.
Dateset EditorDataset EditorOpens the dataset editor.
helphelpOpens the help page (this page).
Log outLog outLogs out of TeraCLOUD.


B: Toolbar

 Icon Name Description
DisplayView ModeChanges the view mode between Oversize/Large/Regular Thumbnails, or Details.
Folder treeFolder treeShow or hide the directory navigation tree.
UpUpMove to the folder of the next higher hierarchy.
UpdateUpdateUpdate files / folders to the latest information.
uploaduploadSelect the file and upload it.
new foldernew folderCreate a new folder.
DownloadDownloadDownload the selected file.
* Depending on your browser, the contents of the file may be displayed in a new tab.
DeleteDeleteDelete the selected item.
copycopyCopy the selected items.
* Copying folders may not work in some web browsers.
CutCutCut the selected items.
* Cutting folders may not work in some web browsers.
PastePastePaste cut or copied items to the current location
* Pasting folders may not work in some web browsers.
 SharedSharedSet up files and folders sharing.


C: Directory Listing

Shows the files saved in your TeraCLOUD account.

You may upload files and folders by dragging and dropping them onto the directory listing from your file manager.
* If a folder contains over 100 items, only the first 100 items will be uploaded.
* Some web browsers do not support drag and drop folder uploads.

The directory listing also offers right-click contextual menus and keyboard shortcuts.
* These features may not work in some web browsers.


D: File Upload Status

Shows the status of uploads in progress.

Updated January 14, 2021