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A Status display

 Icon Name Description
  account name Displays the account name.
  Used capacity Display used capacity.
  Update Recalculate the capacity.
  help Displays the help page (this page).
  upgrade Display the upgrade screen.
  My page My page is displayed. 


B Toolbar

 Icon Name Description
  Display Switch the display method of the file
(thumbnail of oversize, large, medium icon, file details).
  Folder tree Toggle display / hide of the folder's navigation tree.
  Up Move to the folder of the next higher hierarchy.
  Update Update files / folders to the latest information.
  upload Select the file and upload it.
  new folder Create a new folder.
  DownloadDepending on the browser, the contents of the file are displayed with a new tab.
Download the selected file.
  Delete Delete the selected item.
  copy Copy the selected item.The folder may not be copied by the browser.
  Cut Cut the selected item.The folder may not be cut by the browser.
  Paste Paste to the place currently displayed.
Pasting of folders may not be possible depending on the browser.


C folder / file list

A list of folders and files saved in TeraCLOUD is displayed.

You can drag and drop the folder or file you want to upload on the folder · file list and upload it.

When uploading a folder, up to 100 files in the folder will be uploaded.Folders may not be uploaded by browser.

You can also use right-click menu and keyboard shortcut.

※ There is a function that does not correspond depending on your browser.


D file upload status

The progress status of the file being uploaded is displayed.