How do I configure or change my Language Settings?

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Since August 3, 2021, TeraCLOUD's website has been available in the language requested for each account.

Users who register by August 3, 2021, 4:00 p.m. can customize their language on My Page, and new users can choose their language when creating their TeraCLOUD account.Furthermore, the settings can be changed at any time on My Page.


Configure Language Settings

Select your language
Select your display language when you create a new TeraCLOUD account.
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When you configure an existing account, please refer to the following steps.


Change Language Settings

For users who signed up for TeraCLOUD before 4 :00 p.m. on August 3, 2021, the default language setting is "non-registered."Please follow these steps to set your display language.


Access My Page
1. Log in to TeraCLOUD and access My Page.
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Click "Edit"
2. Click "Edit."
The "Edit" button is located below "Account info."
* In Japanese, click "登録情報変更" below "登録情報."

Change the display language
3. Change your display language.
Enter your e-mail address for confirmation and select a language from "Language Settings."
* In Japanese, enter your e-mail address to "メールアドレス(確認用)" and select a language from "言語設定."
Click "Save"
Click the "Save" button.
* In Japanese, click the "変更" button.

The display language will be changed
4. The modification is now complete.
The selected language will now be shown on TeraCLOUD's website.



Updated August 3, 2021