How do I cancel my upgraded capacity subscription?

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Cancel all upgrades and make it a free account;
Cancel some of the upgrades. 

1.Delete uploaded data until it is below the free account storage capacity

The upgrade will become invalid at the end of the validity period of the cancelled upgrade. In addition, if the capacity of your saved files continues to exceed the available capacity beyond a certain period of time, your saved files may be deleted without notice.

If the amount of space used is greater than the free account capacity, all TeraCLOUD data will become read-only and users will not be able to upload or update files.

If you downgrade to a free plan, you will lose the bonus space associated with a paid account.

2.Cancel your upgrade subscription

After you have finished deleting your data, you can cancel your subscription via PayPal by following the steps in the link below.

Note on changing to a free account

Updated on June 25, 2021