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Updated the Specifications for Apps Connection!

Posted June 2, 2021

As we announced on May 24, 2021, we have updated the specifications for connecting to TeraCLOUD from external applications.

Update Details

Apps Password has been added.

The password for account login (Account Password) and the password for external apps connection (Apps Password) are now separated.

Apps Connection has been changed to permission-based.

You can now change the settings on My Page to allow or disallow external applications to connect to TeraCLOUD.

*In the initial state of a new account, Apps Connection is turned off. If you turn on Apps Connection from My Page, Apps Password will be issued and you will be able to connect to external applications.

My Page display has been changed.

Due to the above specification changes, the notation of "WebDAV connection" in My Page has been changed to "Apps Connection" and the UI of My Page has been changed.




For Users Who Have Already Registered by 2021/6/2 4:25 PM JST

Please refer to the following page for details and settings of Apps Connection.
>>How can I configure Apps Connection´╝č