Notice of Maintenance for Enhanced Security (June 2, 2021)

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This maintenance is complete. Thank you for your cooperation.
We sincerely apologize that maintenance took longer than originally planned.

Notice of Scheduled Maintenance on  June 2, 2021

Posted May 24, 2021
Updated June 2, 2021

Thank you for using TeraCLOUD.

We will perform scheduled an update maintenance to enhance the security of user information on the following schedule.

This maintenance will change the specifications for connecting to TeraCLOUD from external applications such as WebDAV client applications.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Maintenance PeriodJune 2, 2021 (Wed) 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM 6:15 PM JST
Affected CustomersAll TeraCLOUD users

System Update Maintenance

We will change the specifications to make TeraCLOUD more secure.

After maintenance is complete, users will be able to:

  • You can now change the settings on My Page to allow or disallow external applications to connect to TeraCLOUD.
  • The password for account login (Account Password) and the password for external apps connection (Apps Password) are now separated.
  • In the initial state of a new account, Apps Connection is not enabled.
  • Due to the above specification changes, the UI of My Page has been changed.

For Users Who Have Already Registered by 2021/6/2 4:15 PM 4:25 PM JST

  • Regardless of your use of external applications, Apps Connection is enabled as before, and you can connect from external applications.
  • The WebDAV information for connecting from external applications is listed on My Page.
  • The Apps Password for connecting from external applications is the same as the Account Password as of 2021/6/2 4:25 PM JST.
  • Users of external applications can continue to use them as before without the need to change their settings.
  • Even if the Account Password is changed, the Apps Password will not be changed because it is not linked to the Account Password.
  • If you do not want to enable Apps Connection, you can disable it from My Page.

The details and settings for Apps Connection will be described separately on this website.

Affected Services

The following TeraCLOUD services will be unavailable 1 time to several times during the maintenance period, for up to 15 minutes each.

  • TeraCLOUD login (My Page and File Browser)
    • Logged in users may be logged out.
    • Ongoing uploads and downloads will be interrupted.
  • WebDAV client application access
    • Ongoing uploads and downloads will be interrupted.

User data will not be affected by this maintenance operation.

This page will be updated in the event of schedule changes or delays, and when maintenance is complete.