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What is Cyberduck

Cyberduck is a free Windows, WebDAV client software for Mac which also supports FTP / SFTP. It features a rich feature with a simple UI.

By connecting to TeraCLOUD and WebDAV, you can upload and download files.

Download Cyberduck here

Regarding Cyberduck's "Sync" menu, we have confirmed the phenomenon that the file date is no longer normal. We recommend using it as a tool to upload and download files.
We have connected Cyberduck and TeraCLOUD and have confirmed that you can download and upload files, but we do not guarantee the complete operation of the application.
Please make sure to try to save the data on TeraCLOUD after saving it in another place. Also, please contact the developer of the application for operation and troubles of the application.

Set up TeraCLOUD for Cyberduck

Here we will guide Cyberduck 4.4.3 (windows) as an example.

Depending on the application version, the screen may be different.

1.Start Cyberduck. 

2.Click "New connection".

3.Select the file protocol. Open the pulldown and select "WevDAV (HTTPS)".

4.Enter necessary information and click "Advanced setting".

 server  Enter the domain part of the server "WebDAV client URL" in half-width characters.
(Eg "" for "")
Please confirm "URL for WebDAV client" by the procedure described here.
 port (* Po) Make sure that it is set to port (* Po) "443".
 User name Enter the user name of TeraCLOUD
 Password Enter the password for TeraCLOUD as half-width characters.
 Anonymous login Remove the Anonymous login check.
 Save Password Check this to save the password.

5.Enter "/ dav" in the Pass field and click the "Connect" button. 

6.It was connected to TeraCLOUD.

Upload a file

1.Move to the folder you want to upload the file and click the "Upload" button. Then select the file and click the select button. 


Download files

1.Right-click on the file you want to download and select Download.



The screen display may differ depending on the version.

Updated on January 28, 2016