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Using Air Explorer with TeraCLOUD

What is Air Explorer?

Air Explorer

Air Explorer is a client software for Windows and macOS devices. Its interface design has high usability and you can transfer data on your device to TeraCLOUD with detailed sync settings.

This document explains how to set up Air Explorer and connect with TeraCLOUD.



How to use

Connect With TeraCLOUD

*This setup guide is based on version 4.2.1. It may display differnetly depending on your application version.

1. Launch Air Explorer.

Launch "Air Explorer" from the icon on the desktop or start menu.

2. Add and Set up a TeraCLOUD account.

It shows "Register account" screen. Click "TeraCLOUD."

Then enter required information and click "OK."

UserEnter your TeraCLOUD user ID.
PasswordEnter your TeraCLOUD user password.

3. Your TeraCLOUD account will be registered.

Synchronize your data

1. Open the local folder contains the file to upload on the left pane and the folder on TeraCLOUD for the destination on the right pane.

2. Click "Synchronize" and select "Current Folders."

3. Select the synchronizing method and click "OK" button.

(ex. Update)

"Bidirectional" is not recommended because it may cause unintentional deletion and overwriting of data.

4. Click "Compare" and click "Start" after the comparison.

5. The Synchronization will be completed.

* Your screen may differ from those depicted here, depending on your application and operating system version.

Updated March 5, 2021