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What is Air Explorer

Air Explorer is WebDAV client software compatible with Windows and Mac. It is an Explorer-like interface that you can use with familiar feeling. You can finely set file synchronization settings, and you can easily transfer PC data to TeraCLOUD.

Here, we will show you how to set Air Explorer and connect to TeraCLOUD.

Download Air Explorer here

Although we have connected Air Explorer and TeraCLOUD and have confirmed that you can download and upload files, it does not guarantee the complete operation of the application.
Please make sure to try to save the data on TeraCLOUD after saving it in another place. Also, please contact the developer of the application for operation and troubles of the application.

Set Air Explorer

1. Launch Air Explorer.

Launch "Air Explorer" from shortcut or Windows icon. 

2. Adding and configuring servers

The "Register account" screen is displayed. Click "WebDAV".
Enter the server "URL for WebDAV client" in single-byte characters.
Please confirm "URL for WebDAV client" by the procedure described here.
Enter the user ID of the user TeraCLOUD.
Password Enter the user password of TeraCLOUD. 

3. TeraCLOUD account is set up



1.Air Explorerの左側ウィンドウでアップしたいデータの場所を開きます。右側のウィンドウでTeraCLOUDの転送先を開きます。
2. 同期ボタンをクリックします。
3. 同期の方法を選択し、OKをクリックします。



The screen display may differ depending on the version.

Updated on 18th December 2017