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Using Air Live Drive with TeraCLOUD

What is Air Live Drive?

Air Live Drive

Air Live Drive is a tool that allows you to use your cloud storage as a Windows drive. It allows you to access your cloud storage just like a local drive, without having to use the dedicated apps of each cloud.

This document explains how to configure TeraCLOUD as a cloud service connection in Air Live Drive.

Download Air Live Drive here.



How to use

Connect With TeraCLOUD

*This setup guide is based on version 1.8.0. It may display differnetly depending on your application version.

1. Launch Air Live Drive.

Launch "Air Live Drive" from shortcut or Windows icon.

2. Add a TeraCLOUD account.

Click "Add Cloud Disk" and "Add Disk" will appear.
Click "WebDav."

3. Enter the necessary information and click "OK."

ServerEnter your WebDAV connection URL.
(example) ""
* Your WebDAV connection URL can be confirmed from My Page. How to access My Page
UserEnter your TeraCLOUD user ID.
PasswordEnter your TeraCLOUD user password.

4. Assign it a letter and Click "Connect."

Your TeraCLOUD account will be connected.
When you have it connected, in your Windows Explorer you can see your TeraCLOUD account and you can copy, paste and modify files.


1. Drag and drop the data you want to upload to the Windows drive assigned by Air Live Drive.

2.The data upload will begin and the progress will be displayed.

If the status shows "Completed", the upload is complete.

Updated March 8, 2021