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Using Air Live Drive with TeraCLOUD

What is Air Live Drive?

Air Live Drive

Air Live Drive is a tool that allows you to use your cloud storage as a Windows drive. It allows you to access your cloud storage just like a local drive, without having to use the dedicated apps of each cloud.

This document explains how to configure TeraCLOUD as a cloud service connection in Air Live Drive.

Download Air Live Drive here.

* To turn on or off connections to TeraCLOUD from applications, it is required to configure from My Page. More details can be found here.



How to use

*This setup guide is based on version 1.10.0. It may display differently depending on your application version.

Connect to TeraCLOUD

AirLiveDrive Icon.png
1. Launch Air Live Drive

Launch Air Live Drive from your start menu or by clicking the shortcut icon.

Step. 2 Air Live Drive- Click Add Cloud Disk.png
2. Add a new cloud storage account
Click the "Add Cloud Disk" in the upper left corner of the screen.
Step. 2.1 Air Live Drive- Click the TeraCLOUD icon.png
Click the "TeraCLOUD" icon.

Step 3. Air Live Drive- Enter User ID and Password- Click ok.png

3. Enter your WebDAV Connection information

Enter your WebDAV User ID and Password.

Click the "OK" button.

User IDs and Passwords are case sensitive

UserEnter your Connection ID.
PasswordEnter your Apps Password.
* If you forget your password, please reissue using these steps.


It may take several minutes for external programs to accept newly reissued app credentials. If an error notice appears shortly after reissuing your password, please wait a few minutes before attempting to reconnect.

Step 4. Air Live Drive- Click Connect and Assign TeraCLOUD to a disk drive.png

4. Connect your TeraCLOUD account

Your TeraCLOUD account is registered.

Assign your TeraCLOUD account as a disk drive to their computer.

Upload files to TeraCLOUD

1 Air Live Drive- Drag and drop data.png

1. Select file(s)

Select the file(s) you wish to upload.

Drag an drop into the Air Live Drive-assigned Windows drive.

2 Air Live Drive- Upload will begin.png

2.The upload will begin

Progress will be displayed while being uploaded.


3.The file(s) will be uploaded to your TeraCLOUD account


Updated July 15, 2021

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