6th Anniversary Event! Up to ¥3,000 off with FREE Gift Set!

Top / Campaign / 6th Anniversary Event! Up to ¥3,000 off with FREE Gift Set!

This event has ended.


~ 6th Anniversary Event: Part 2 ~
Up to ¥3,000 OFF capacity upgrades ☆
☆ FREE gift set of TeraCLOUD Original Merchandise!

Celebrate Our 6th Anniversary with up to ¥3,000 Off!

During the Event, we are offering a special first year price on 1TB, 3TB, and 5TB upgrades.
Capacity can be increased up to 10TB! Now is your chance to get a great deal on massive storage!

FREE Gift Set of TeraCLOUD Original Merchandise

Purchase a yearly 1TB, 3TB, or 5TB upgrade during the Event and get a free gift set containing a TeraCLOUD Original Tote Bag and TeraCLOUD Original Stickers! Just fill out the supplied form with your shipping address to receive your gift set.
* Gift set available for shipping to Japan only.

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Event Details

Event NameTeraCLOUD 6th Anniversary Event! Up to ¥3,000 off with FREE Gift Set!
Event DurationFebruary 14, 2020 - March 1, 2020
Eligible ParticipantsAll TeraCLOUD account holders
Event Offers

First year up to ¥3,000 OFF

Special first year price on new plans.
After the first year, the plan may be continued on either a per-month or per-year basis at the regular price.

First year price

  • 1TB upgrade first year ¥1,000 OFF
    • Regular Price ¥9,800/year (plus tax)Special Price ¥8,800/year (plus tax)
  • 3TB upgrade first year ¥2,000 OFF
    • Regular Price ¥29,000/year (plus tax)Special Price ¥27,000/year (plus tax)
  • 5TB upgrade first year ¥3,000 OFF
    • Regular Price ¥45,000/year (plus tax)Special Price ¥42,000/year (plus tax)

* Plan may be continued after the first year at regular price.

Free Gift Set

Customers who fill out the provided application form after purchase will receive a gift set of TeraCloud Original Merchandise (Tote Bag and Sticker).

  • Discount is for first year of service only. After the first year, the plan may be continued at the regular price.
  • Multiple upgrades may be purchased for up to 10TB total capacity.
  • Customers who upgrade capacity for a one-year term during the Event will receive an email containing the application form to receive their free gift set (planned to be sent March 3, 2020).
  • Customers who meet the following conditions may apply for a free gift set.
    • Purchased a 1TB, 3TB, or 5TB upgrade for one year during the Event
    • Able to receive email from TeraCLOUD
  • Application details may not be changed or canceled after submission. Please take care to fill in the correct information.
  • In the following situations, an application may be deemed invalid.
    • The applicant did not provide sufficient information in the application form
    • The applicant is unable to receive email from TeraCLOUD
  • Personal information provided will be used by JUSTPLAYER Co., Ltd. only to send your gift, and will not be shared with any outside entities, other than the shipping carrier responsible for delivering the merchandise.
  • Shipment of Original Merchandise is planned for late March 2020. The date of shipment may change without notice in the event of unforseen circumstances.
  • Original Merchandise may be shipped only to addresses in Japan.
  • Original Merchandise is not eligible for return or exchange.
  • The Event may be ended or modified without notice.


How to Upgrade TeraCLOUD Capacity

1. Log into TeraCLOUD and navigate to My Page.

2. Click the "Upgrade" button.

3. If you have a coupon code, enter it in the "Coupon Code" field and click the "Apply" button.

4. Click the appropriate button for your desired capacity and subscription period.

5. Click the "Login" button if you have a PayPal account, or the "If you do not have a PayPal account ..." link if you do not have a PayPal account. The following instructions describe the process to follow after logging into PayPal.

6. Enter your email address and PayPal password, and click the "Login" button.

7. Confirm the payment details and click the "Agree and Pay" button. 

8. The purchase is now complete. Click the "Return to JUSTPLAYER Corporation" button at the bottom right. 

You will return to TeraCLOUD's login screen.

Please Note
It may take up to several minutes to reflect your purchase.