TeraCLOUD's 2022 Winter Sale!

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This event has ended.

❄ TeraCLOUD's $1.00 Per Month Winter Sale ❄

It’s the biggest shopping time of the year, and we’re celebrating by offering you some serious savings! Upgrade your account to any 3TB plan for just $1.00 a month.*

TeraCLOUD Winter Sale 2022

3TB Annual Plan

$119.99/year$1.00 per month for the first two months (tax included)*

Account will be charged $119.99/year from the third month.

3TB Monthly Plan

$11.99/month → $1.00 per month for the first two months (tax included)*

Account will be charged $11.99/month from the third month.


Event Details

Event Duration:November 24, 2022 (Thurs) ~ January 9, 2023 (Mon)
Event Offers*:3TB Premium Upgrades at $1.00/month for the first two-months.
*3TB paid plan is provided at the promotional price of $1.00/month for the first and second month of service only.
*Plan is automatically renewed from the third month of service at the services regular price ($11.99 per month or $119.99 per year).
Event Notes:
  • Campaign start and end dates are based on Japanese Standard Time (JST)
  • Tax is included in the price.
  • Payments by PayPal are required.
  • Multiple subscriptions can be purchased.
  • Offer applies to monthly and annual 3TB upgrades only.
  • Following the two month promotion period, recurring payments will begin at the price based on the selected 3TB Premium Upgrade.
  • Confirm payment amount is accurate before finalizing purchase.
  • This event may be altered or terminated without notice.
Additional Remarks:
  • Failure to cancel recurring payments, purchasing the wrong capacity plan, and misreading the event's specifics will not be refunded.
  • Users who sign up for multiple subscriptions will be charged based on the number of times they subscribed.

Upgrade Your TeraCLOUD Account

Add a cloud service account
1. Log into TeraCLOUD and open My Page.
S1.2. Upgrade.png
For more information about TeraCLOUD's My Page, visit here.

S2. Upgrade.png
2. Click the red upgrade button at the top of My Page.

S3. Upgrade (2).png
3. Select the capacity plan of your choice. This years 2022 Winter Sale is only for 3TB monthly and annual plans.

S4. Upgrade.png
4. Enter your PayPal login and password or create an account if you do not have one.

S5. Upgrade.png
5. Confirm the payment details and click the "Agree and Pay" button.

6. The purchase is complete. Enjoy storing more on TeraCLOUD.

Check out our "How do I add capacity?" page for more information on upgrading your account.

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