World Backup Day 2022

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World Backup Day 2022

The purpose of World Backup Day, which takes place on March 31st, is to remind everyone to back up their important data before it is lost due to inadvertent deletion, hardware failures, or ransomware attacks.

It is strong advised to regularly back up your data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

World Backup Day is also a great way to educate your friends and family about the important of data backup and to refer a friend to TeraCLOUD.


What is a backup?

A backup is a duplicate of your critical files. These items can range from images and videos to school or job papers, music, key emails, and so on. The goal of a backup is to avoid storing all of these crucial files in one place by saving them in a second, more dependable location.

Why backup my data?

Data loss due to human error and hardware malfunctioning is more common than you might imagine. These losses can have emotional and, in certain cases, a financial impact on many individuals and enterprises. With the added threat from ransomware attacks, those who do not or very rarely back up their data are putting their vital data and information at a higher risk of being lost.

Backing up your data on a regular basis is strongly recommended to avoid these types of situations for occurring.

How can you back up your data?

Creating a regular schedule to back up your data is a great step towards protecting your data. Your data is stored in a variety of locations, most of which are not in the same place. TeraCLOUD allows you to backup data from your PC, smartphone, tablet, and external hard drive in a safe manner. 

We encourage you to back up your data to TeraCLOUD and avoid any potential loss or damage.



Updated March 16, 2022

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